Capture Top Gainer $DUBBZ with Insider Signal 1D Ahead

Capture Today (Aug 8th, 2023) Top Gainer $DUBBZ with Insider Signal 1D Ahead. 230% ROI In A Day!

In just 1 day, getting 227% profit from capturing the $DUBBZ uptrend with potential insider stealth 🥷0xc882…e235.


Where did the signal first in?

On Aug 7, spotted $DUBBZ on ‘Top Net Buy Tokens by Stealth‘ leaderboard.

Top Net Buy by Stealth Money

$19,844 stealth net buy $ (buy-sell).

By which fresh wallet?

The 🥷 stealth bought $23.43K $DUBBZ from $0.2128. $0.7016 now.

$DUBBZ - Live Stealth Money Trades

$DUBBZ is $0.7016 now. It increased by 230% since this stealth buy.

This 🥷 stealth behavior meets the 3 traits of a possible insider trades

Validate the possibility of this stealth being an insider via its trading record on Etherscan.

1. It’s a fresh wallet opened 1 day ago with funds transferred in from Kucoin.

2. Bought large volume of $DUBBZ immediately and

3. ONLY bought $DUBBZ.

Very straightforward behavior.

Some users DM to discuss the stealth account 0xc882…e235 –> insider with us.

A common question is about his GemForge trade.

Does it not align with one of the traits of insider trading – only trading one token?

Not really.

Click on the Txn hash, you will see this trade is not executed by him actually.

–> A high possibility to be an insider trade.

🥑 Tip: When the (possible) insider $DUBBZ balance changes, it's a signal for you.

Add to watchlist to monitor its position change cuz it might:
1. sell
2. transfer to another address

Add the 🥷0xc882…e235 to your watchlist and monitor on the $DUBBZ Top Holders chart

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