“Sell At A Better Price” Is Always Essential No Matter In Bear Or Bull Market

$LDO dropped over 12% after we shared the $LDO topping signal on Twitter

What is the short-term topping signal?

Combine Net Buy Value sell volume + Turnover Rate to identify the topping signal.

  • Turnover Rate: peak
  • Net Buy Value: weak or slightly negative with a large amount of sell volume

The signal appeared to $LDO at a price of $2.41

At 14:05 UTC Jan 15, when $LDO climbed to $2.41. The Turnover Rate surged to 1D ATH (p2). 

P1 shows at the same time, Net Buy Value is slightly positive (dropped from a peak 5 mins ago but still green) with a large sell volume (the red line). 

Sell at a better price is always essential no matter in bear or bull market.

Jump Trading $LDO Balance -2M ($4.8M)

Jump Trading transferred $LDO to 0x447. 0x447 sold them ALL via Uniswap

Not the first time Jump Trading sold $LDO via other wallet addresses.

Hunting Oppt Is Easier With Candlestick. Just Like Him

And Him

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