Get Early Alerts Of Price Drop – AURA & XMON

Quick Take

  • Net Buy + CEX Flow + Net Liquidity Add are good for mid and long-term token analytics.
  • These 3 indicators can alert you of a price drop.

1 Indicator To Alert Real-Time Token Selling & 2 Indicators Will Reflect On The Gradual Price Drop

Real-time large sell alert – Negative Net Buy Amount

Gradual Price Drop – Negative CEX Outflow & Liquidity Removed.

2 Hot Tokens As Examples - AURA & XMON.


Price was up 15% on Aug 23, but signaling an obvious Price Retrace on the same day by using Net Buy Amount + Liquidity indicators.

Net Buy peaks, recorded a 60k AURA Net Buy Amount. BUT,

Net Liquidity Added saw deep RED83k AURA net removed (removed – added = 83k). This is a clear signal of potential price retrace. It indicates that LPs think it is good to sell for profits instead of earning interest by providing liquidities on the DEX pools. When these liquidities were removed from DEXs, they were most likely for sale. 23k is out (83k – 60k)
AURA - Net Add Amount for Liquidity

The AURA current signals are positiveNet Buy is closing to 0 & Liquidity added rebounded.


Negative Net Buy & Liquidity caused a sudden price plunge.

XMON - Net Buy Amount

Liquidity removed > liquidity added on Aug 26. Though the price dropped, LPs still removed the liquidity.

XMON - Net Add Amount for Liquidity

No auto-renewal. No surprise fees. You get what you see.

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