$T, or $U or $M or? The Rug Game Tokens Analysis

The Rug Game tokens are the most stunning ones in the recent day.

$T killed 2 zeros. ATH $0.(4)1457

$CULT +48.7% in 7d due to the “proved-by-onchain-data-but-not-admitted-by-CultDAO-official” connection.

Analysis of $T:

  • DEX supply changes in the past 5d
  • At what price attracted the most buy vol, buyers & sellers?
  • Token Balance Distribution chart revealed sth?
  • How Candlestick Smart Meme Traders took the first step to being the early birds to enjoy 10x and 100x?
$T - Exclusive Signals

DEX Supply Changes

$T - Balances on Exchanges

During the price surge, the $T DEX balance is declining:

This is caused by the following:

  1. No supply on CEX. All on DEX
  2. Trader buy $T from DEX

At what price triggered the most buy vol?

$T - Entry Price Distribution
  • $423,688 buy vol is at around $0.000008151
  • On 9th, $T went up further, but buy vol declined

Hence, the price above $0.00008151 will face resistance.

$T Token Balance Distribution

$T - Token Balance Distribution

On Jan 6, the day $T first liquidity was added to the DEX pool, the $T token balance was concentrated.

It became diversified afterward. From Jan 6 to 10th:

  • Top 100: concentration 100% dropped to 71%
  • Top 10: from 18.72% to 13.51%

Candlestick Smart Meme Traders Are The Earliest Comers

Candlestick Smart Meme Pro bought $T at the right beginning.

They bought at 7 zeros. ATH is 4 zeros. 1000x

$T - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Let’s look at some of their profits:

$T - DEX Trades (Smart Money)
  • 0x0873 turned $14 into $151
  • 0x3324 $22 became $167
  • 0x58dc $21 into $194

etc…… 10x

$T met the 6 Tips for Degen Hunters we shared before.

What About $U?

Last 24h,

  • Net Buy $473
  • Buy value $10.46K vs Sell value $9.99K
  • 77 buyers. 31 sellers
  • Trades are all<$1000. Largest one is $973
  • Sell orders are concentrated at around $0.(5)11 to $0.(5)15
$U - DEX Trades

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