Regular Vs Smart Vs Smarter Trader

There is a GEM VIDYA that Smart Money bought 4 days ago when the price was $0.09702. And there are only Smart Money buyers, no sellers so far. The current price is $0.128 at the time of writing, a 30% up.

VIDYA - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

What a Smarter Trader will do?


-> Follow Candlestick Twitter and Newsletter to get signals
-> Got VIDYA signal from Candlestick Twitter 13 hrs ago
-> 10% gain


-> Discovered real-time-smart-Money-buy-in opportunities with Smart Money 4 days earlier
-> 31% gain


No gain

Just Another Smart Money Magic Trade - CNC

We alerted the CNC bullish signals on Sep 21.

Smart Money buy-in signals appeared again 6 days ago — Smart Money DCA accumulated CNC in the last 6 days at $1.37

Set Your Alerts to Receive Real-Time Signals

Be a Smarter Trader to get the live opportunities, you can set the Alerts to receive signals of your target tokens.

By doing this, we get the signals that the Smart Money is accumulating TSUKA using DCA during the price dips.

TSUKA - Alerts

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