How to Identify Top Addresses that Match Your Trading Style to Follow?

TraderScan analyzes any address’s profitability metrics: RoI, PnL, Win Rate, etc., across all tokens.

Why have we poured our utmost effort into developing TraderScan?
We aim to make the trading profitability of every address on any token transparent to our users.
Cuz people define ‘Smart Money’ differently. Instead of merely taking others’ words for it, users should be able to see the trading performance of each address for themselves.
With TraderScan, no more blind trust in the overhyped ‘Smart Money’.” The decision-making power is in your hands.

How to find top addresses?

Browsing through ‘Smart Money Live Trades‘ & ‘Degen Explorer‘ with TraderScan Plug-in.

Soon, you’ll be able to explore the ‘Address Explore’ feature, which showcases the Top Addresses based on PnL, ROI, and Win Rate. Plus, you can generate your own Smart Traders list by customizing settings, like targeting a specific % ROI with a minimum % Win Rate.

What’s TraderScan Plug-in? Hover over any address – you can view its Positions, ROI, and Total Profit for associated tokens.

Got caught by No***.eth 2.5x ROI in $PINKSF.

How to validate if his trading style aligns with your own?

Here are some key elements:

1. Good & steady trading performance? or just by luck?

–> switch the timeframe to check through 1Y, 6M, 3M and 1M

This trader No***.eth boasts a robust and steady performance in trading in the last whole year.

Trades in the last 1y:
– Win Rate 70.59%
– Total ROI 419.56%

Trades in the last 1 month:
– Win Rate 70%
– Total ROI 591.43%

2. Trade size

–> Avg buy size $103.

3. What tokens does he trade normally?
–> He usually trades meme, degen tokens.
Cuz most of the tokens’ logo are ? – new tokens unverified.

No***.eth TraderScan

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