How to Get ‘Old’ Token Back-to-The-Radar Signal?

Candlestick is not only powerful for discovering new gem tokens but also for signaling when ‘old’ tokens are back on the radar.🎯

‘Old’ tokens have some advantages compared to hunting new tokens. The most obvious one is less risk involved normally. Because ‘old’ tokens have been lived for days, weeks, or months, the risk of rug pool, sell restrictions etc tends to be eliminated.

How to find this oppty on Candlestick?

‘Old’ but not ‘verified’ yet tokens on Candlestick have 2 characteristics for you to identify:

1. The token logo shows ‘?’

2. The token analytics page shows less metrics

Then you need to check on Etherscan to see its token issue date.

CHAINBACK WEB3 $ARCHIVE - Smart Money Trades

You can find these tokens with Smart Money buy actions by ticking the ‘include unverified token’ on ‘Live Smart Money Trades‘ and ‘Top Net Buy by Smart Money‘ (*When you see a price drop in this leaderboard, it’s essential to go beyond the 24h price +/- to check the Smart Money’s buy and sell price. They might actually capitalize on the dip)

(Degen Explorer is for new token hunting which involves higher risk).

Live Smart Money Trades

Detected the 'old' token Chainback web3 $ARCHIVE 🎯back-on-the-radar Smart Signal 2 days ago using this method

230% ROI.

Chainback web3 $ARCHIVE was issued 250 days ago. But the token is still in an ‘unverified’ status cuz it hasn’t met the platform’s verified criteria yet. (see here)

CHAINBACK WEB3 $ARCHIVE - Smart Money Trades

My boy 😎0x0b1d bought 28M+ chainback web3 via 3 buy orders at avg price of $0.0002116 (post-tax price).

He is still holding it now, and the price stands above $0.0007.

💰: 231% ROI.

Why are some of the 😎 addresses in yellow?

Cuz added to my watchlist to stalk this gem signal! Action now!

The other back-on-the-radar ‘old’ token is $PRIME signaled by 😎Smart Money.

$PRIME Live Smart Money Trades

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