Practical Degen Trading Strategy for Hunting New Tokens

We observed:

When a new token is released, if there’re plenty stealth accounts buying,

–> In most cases, these stealth accounts are typically associated with the token project’s insiders

–> It may indicate the project team may do sth to the token price.

🥑 Find tokens with both 😎 & 🥷 are buying.

How can you identify these tokens then?

Actually, it’s very simple in Candlestick.

🥑 Tokens on ‘Degen Explorer by Smart Traders‘ & ‘Degen Explorer by Stealth‘ are your targets to dig into to validate.

You can find the tokens in either one ‘Degen Explorer’ first and then check its’ ‘Live Stealth Trading’ or ‘Live Smart Trades’

Apply this strategy, you will find the new token gem $AIMBOT (1161x) ketaicoin (+1,370.29%), and $ENDITALL.

Here we will share the $AIMBOT trading case as an example.

Will you kick yourself for missing out on all these $AIMBOT Smart😎 + Stealth🥷 buy signals?

Set up the ‘Smart/Stealth buy any token‘ Alert, the signals will send to your TG and browser to feed your Alpha hunting.

Smart Money Trades Alert

When received the Profit Top 200 0xd419 bought $AIMBOT signal, it was $0.0044, now it is $4.65.

An insane 1055X! Can you imagine?

Set Up Your Custom Alert

10 Candlestick Smart Traders aped in at the first place, including the three who got X profit from $HOUSE (the ones in yellow that added to ‘My Watchlist‘).

$AIMBOT Smart Money Trades

These 5 Smart Meme Traders are ALL with ‘Three 50x’ & ‘Ten 10x’ badges.

–> Meaning, insane ROI track record.

$AIMBOT Smart Money Trades


– got 19.75X ROI in $HOUSE

– This time, he made an even crazier 280X in $AIMBOT. Turned 0.03 $ETH into 8.43 $ETH

Though 11 stealth addresses bought $AIMBOT at the very beginning.

Only the first one 🥷0x0b0c…11df is legit:
1. fresh wallet
2. Only bought $AIMBOT

When this 🥷0x0b0c…11df sell, it’s a signal for you.

Apply the Alpha Degen strategy to spot ketaicoin, and $ENDITALL.

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