Detected Suspicious $PNDC Insider Trading Activity Before The Price Spike

Detected suspicious $PNDC insider trading activity with $PNDC stealth signal 2 days ago, surged 95% last 24h🚀

🥷Stealth 0xe5fb…17ae bought in $PNDC twice before the price spike.

– $60.23K at $0.0(5)13

– added more bags of $86K+ when $PNDC dropped a bit to $0.0(5)12

Let's review the whole story of how we found this signal 🥷

How did we find this signal?

On Aug 31, you just can’t ignore these large volume $PNDC buy trades when you set the TXN filter to >$5K on ‘Live Stealth Trades‘.

Live Stealth Money Trades

First time loading:

– 7 buy trades, bought a total value of $60.23K $PNDC in an hour. (value at that time)
– buy price at $0.0(5)13

$PNDC - Live Stealth Money Trades

Why this stealth address 0xe5fb…17ae activities are worth us digging into?

– fresh wallet created

– funds in from Gemini

– bought a significant amount of $PNDC

– only trade 1 token

Second time loading:

After the 🥷stealth 0xe5fb…17ae first loading $60.23K $PNDC 2 days ago, the price was not up the following day.

Instead, it dropped a bit to $0.0(5)12.

🥷0xe5fb…17ae added more bags of $86K+ value of $PNDC (value at that time) from $0.0(5)1298.

$PNDC - Live Stealth Money Trades

Based on the price of each buy order, 🥷0xe5fb…17ae bought $142.36K value of $PNDC in the past 2 days.

Compared to the current value shown on Etherscan $218.26K, 🥷0xe5fb…17ae will profit $75,900 if he sells it now.

🥑 Alpha Tip

For $PNDC holders, it’s vital to monitor this stealth’s live activity:

1. Hover to add to your watchlist (I’ve added him, that’s why it shows in yellow)

2. If you want, you can create a tag for him like ‘$PNDC stealth’; if lazy, just skip it.

3. Monitor his live position change on $PNDC Top Holders chart

$PNDC - Top Holders

For not $PNDC holders, how to uncover this signal for your next moonshot?

1. ‘Live Stealth Trades‘, use the txn value filter to navigate

🎯Do hover over the address and direct to Etherscan to validate the trading record.

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