From Zero To Hero: The 1,000x Gem Uncovered By Candlestick Smart Money

$DIONE has surged to $0.001274.

$DIONE Signals

Can you imagine how early Smart Money bought it?

Take Smart Meme Pro 0x4724, for example. This trader will show you how to profit 1000x.

1,000x Gem Hunter - 0x4724

On Aug 14, 2022,  $DIONE was deployed. 

Then, Smart meme pro 0x4724 bought 93,877,955 tokens with a total cost of 0.032 ETH ($96)

On Aug 18 & 30, 0x4724 decreased 14% of his position and received 2.26 ETH profits. He realized 503x returns.

After profiting, Smart meme pro 0x4724 has been holding the remaining $DIONE position.

$DIONE - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

Now his position is worth $101,630.40

$DIONE - Top Holders (Smart Money Mode)

Compared to the cost ($82 for the rest, 86% of holdings), his unrealized gain is over 1243x.

Did You Miss Out On The Alpha?

You could be already profitable if you captured the Smart Money signals in time.

On Aug 31, 2022, we shared $DIONE Smart Money signals when the price had 3 zeros. 

Top Gainers (Smart Money Mode)

This signal could bring 235% returns if you bought $DIONE with Smart DEX Trader at the price of $0.0003792

$DIONE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Feb 6, 2023, we also shared the Smart Money buy-the-dip signals.

$DIONE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

It would be 366% returns if you captured this in time.

Take advantage of the next gem. Unlock Smart Money features today.

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