2 Misconceptions Of Smart Traders

In 99% of the cases, the so-called Smart Traders you are getting in the market (social and other platforms) are whales or VCs or ‘high’ profit gainers in a token.

BUT, if you really dive into their trading performance to track their real Win Rate, PnL and ROI, you’ll find most of them are not Smart.

How do we know about this?

Cuz we scanned through all the 100M addresses on the blockchain and found how bad those VCs and whales trading performances are! 

Instead, there are tons of addresses with just 2 $ETH in the wallet, they have made a million profit! Just they don’t keep funds in the wallet to avoid tracking (as the easiest way is to scan the address’s balance).

— This is where TraderScan is coming from.

Today would like to share 2 main misconceptions of Smart Traders and get satisfaction by knowing how you’re taken care of on Candlestick.

1. Being a crypto fund or VC doesn't mean they're smart in trading

In fact, they’re not as smart as the real proven trading record Smart Traders.

A crypto fund Puzzle Venture bought 23K HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu, value of $1,500.👇

harrypotterobamasonic10inu - Smart Money Trades

Is this fund smart? Let’s uncover his trading performance via upcoming TraderScan.

Upcoming TraderScan - Uncover the secrets of any addresses on any tokens

Last 3 months, this crypto fund Puzzle Venture only got a 20% Win Rate with -9.6% Total ROI.

Let’s compare the performance with the real Smart Traders – just pull out the HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu Smart Trader holders list and check.

harrypotterobamasonic10inu - Top Holders

😎Smart DEX Trader 0xc711:
– ALL Wins!
– 122.66% Total ROI

harrypotterobamasonic10inu - Top Holders

Why 2 tokens are not included? –> transferred the tokens out, no sell.

2. The High-Profit Gainer in a token - Is it real profit?

Not really! You need to consider price slippage!
- You're totally safe with Candlestick

Here’s a great case to show why you can completely trust the trader’s PnL, ROI, Win Rate calculated by Candlestick TraderScan.

– Cuz, we’ve even developed price slippage algo to accurately calculate the real amount of funds an address can receive when selling the token.

Upcoming groundbreaking new feature - TraderScan

This trader 0xf5d1…ecd7 bought 20M $REVHUB at avg buy price of $0.0005541.

$REVHUB current price is $0.0006071.

Why is this trader still at a loss in unrealized profit?


He can only sell 20M $REVHUB for $8,732 back. Compared to his buy value $11,081, he is at 21.2% loss.

In Uniswap, he can sell $8K back. Candlestick calculation almost matches with the real-time result on Uniswap.

(omg, how the fck does Candlestick do this? Sorry, it’s our secret source🤣)

TraderScan estimated launch time – Next Week!

Alpha users will enjoy an upgrade (0 cost) to get EARLY access to TraderScan till your plan expires!

All users will get “Queries’ for address scans!

Groundbreaking New Feature Launching - TraderScan!

Could you imagine finally being able to find out who’s the real ‘smart money’?

Well, there’s this {insert any words for incredible/powerful} tool to uncover profitability – RoI, PnL, Win Rate, etc. for any address on any token.

It’s called TraderScan🔍.

Before it comes out.

1. Get ready for “Query Drop”🪂

All Candlestick users will get Free “Queries” for address scan. Your engagement/invites/subscriptions decide the amount of “Queries” to get.

2. Alpha Special💰

All Alpha users will be immed. upgraded to ‘Alpha Plus’ plan for FREE = Enjoy early & unlimited access!

Even better? The free upgrade goes atw to your Alpha balance. (eg, if it expires in 1y, your free upgrade is for 1y!)

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