Candlestick 1.6– A Game Changer in Crypto Trading!

4 new features just been released.

1 - Trade 10x Faster⚡️

PANDORA - Token Dashboard

The new token dashboard includes everything you need to make a trade:
‘Signal -> Token Security -> Pool Status -> Market Cap -> Price Trend.’

Faster? — Set your ‘Default Spend’
-> Execute trades with your chosen token & amount in just 1 click!

What’s this $PANDORA token that surges crazily?

-> Candlestick Smart and Stealth signal early alerted the bullish at $250.

2 -Replicate Trades in ‘My Watchlist’ , 'Live Smart Money Trades' and 'Live Stealth Money Trades' in 1 click. 😎

My Watchlist

See a trade you follow in ‘My Watchlist’?

Hover, view its buy/sell tax and security, then click ‘Trade’ to replicate instantly. No more hassle of copying token addresses!

Faster & easier -> maximize your profit (especially in degens)

Arm yourself with the real proven Smart Traders by Address Explorer.

1. If you are a degen lover -> Go with top addresses by ROI/profit is a no-brainer

Tip: input the ‘Token Traded’ numbers to customize your smart list.

2. If you a steady investor, you intend to make a balance between risk and return.

Getting a decent profit with a low risk is not an impossible dilemma! -> Go with top addresses by Win Rate is your destination.

3 -Degen Traders, Rejoice

We’ve added price charts, token security, and market cap status for all your favorite degen tokens!

4 -Alert Upgrade

Now with token buy/sell tax and security insights all on the Alert message.

🔥 Trade faster, easier, and smarter — maximize your profits with Candlestick 1.6.

More incoming for your ultimate trading terminal!

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