Crypto Signals 08/08

Quick Take

  • STG is in Smart Money Net Buy Token list & Debank Tops Net Buy Token list. Smart Money buy price $0.3878 and not sell yet.
  • XMON Liquidity Net Add Amount surges +9434%. Price +11.7% after the large liquidity added.
  • CEL – CelShortSqueeze is getting obvious achievement.

STG - Smart Money bought at $0.3878 and has not sold yet

Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money
Top Net Buy Value - Debank Tops

Tokens in both “Smart Money Top Net Buy” & “Debank web3 Tops Net Buy” lists in the past 1D.

Click to check the STG Net Buy indicator. The Smart Money & Debank Tops STG buy price is $0.3878 and has not sold yet.

STG - Net Buy Amount Smart Money Mode

Candlestick tracks 1,279 Smart Money addresses & 1,608 Debank Top addresses.

Debank Tops address added large liquidity to XMON trading pairs, contributing 19.19% of the pool share.

XMON +20.21%. What early bullish signals can you get from Candlestick?

Top Liquidity Add $
XMON - Net Add Amount for Liquidity Smart Money Mode

After the large liquidity was added, the price +11.7%.

XMON - Add/Remove Liquidity by Debank Tops

This XMON liquidity added is by Debank Tops: 0x2326…cf38, contributes 19.19% of the pool shares.

CEL - CelShortSqueeze is getting obvious achievement.

In the past 7d, the CEL top 15 CEX & DEX balance -$844,479.

CEL - Top Exchanges by Balances/Changes

CEL CEX balance saw an apparent decrease compared to the amount on Jul 31.

CEL - Balances on CEXs

CEL DEX balance experienced a gradually decreasing trend in the past 1 month. Meanwhile, the CEL price saw a steady uptrend in the past 1 month.

CEL - Balances on DEXs

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