TraderScan’s Hidden Feature: Master Your Crypto Portfolio!

TraderScan’s Hidden Feature: Master Your Crypto Portfolio! 

Managing your crypto assets and wondering:

How much profit have I made? The profit SHOULD NOT be calculated by my account balance as I might transfer assets in/out.

What’s my AVERAGE COST per token, considering DCA strategies?

Step 1: Simply input your wallet address into TraderScan

Step 2: Uncover your overall trading profitability - ROI, total profit within your chosen timeframe.


‘Trading Performance’, ‘Token Balance’, and ‘On-chain Actions’ help you manage effectively.

Step 3: Your Avg Buy & Sell Prices?

Double-click a token bar on TraderScan to see the detailed trading data. Perfect for those using DCA strategies.

Step 4: Enjoy quick and easy access to your entire crypto portfolio with TraderScan - your personal crypto trading assistant.

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