3 Alpha Tips For TraderScan

Tip 1: How to spot the oppty through top addresses' Unrealized Profit?

2 steps:

1. Tokens with Unrealized Profit -> The address still holds a position

2. Compare the address’s avg buy price VS the current price –> oppty?

Eg, this address 0x4653…db12, made over $1.3M profit in the tokens he first-in in the last 1M.

0x4653...db12 TraderScan

Tokens with Unrealized Profit$SUPER$TRB$JASMY$SUSHI$RSR.

Suitable for crypto traders who prefer mainstream tokens👇

Tip 2: How to filter out those addresses that have achieved high profits purely by chance?

-> The profit concentration %

Eg, 0xc262…1368: 75% win rate; 6,278% ROI.

TraderScan - Uncover The Trading Profitability of Any Address

In contrast, 0x0dd9…05f4 is a better address for most crypto traders, though with a lower win rate and ROI than 0xc262…1368.


– 71.43% win rate: pretty high

– 1,981% ROI: pretty decent

Smart Meme Pro: 0x0dd9 - TraderScan

$156,151 total profit with a lower concentration rate.

–> contributed by $AEGIS$GEC, etc

Tip 3: How can you evaluate the confidence level of a proven smart trader regarding a specific token?

–> Through the % above its Avg Buy Size.

Spot $IMX by this Alpha Tip – the buy value of $IMX by this smart trader Cryp***.eth is 747% more than his avg buy size.



Eg, Cryp***.eth is one of the top traders proved by his track record.

Cryp***.eth - TraderScan

Last 1M:

– 84.62% win rate

– 97.06% total ROI

– Made a $498,971 total profit

His avg buy $11,176.


Double-click to uncover the trades

-> Bought 45,735 $IMX during its price drops. Total buy value $94,654

-> At price $2.07

Alpha: The buy value of $94,654 is way above his avg buy size of $11,176.

Cryp***.eth’s avg buy size is $11,176.

The $IMX buy value of $94,654 is way above that.

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