How to Find and Track The Earliest Buyers’ PnL, ROI & Current Holdings of A New Degen Token?

User🙋: ‘I want to find the earliest buyers of a new degen token. How can I get that?’

Us: ‘Sure, why do you want the first batch of buyers?’

User🙋: ‘I want to see how much profit they get and stalk their next trades’

Here’s how to track early buyers and their profits, showcased with the latest top gainer $PORK.

Step 1

Go to $PORK Live DEX Trades, change to ‘Last 7D‘ timeframe, click 🌍 to see all trades. Sort by ‘Time’ for the earliest trades.

PORK - Live DEX Trades

Step 2

Hover over the early buyers’ addresses to see their PnL, ROI and existing holdings on $PORK via TraderScan.

PORK - Live Dex Trades

0xec0c…0a79: An astonishing 81.2x, from $2,815 to $235,581!

0x284d…ea3a: Achieved 170x ROI, turning $5,771 into nearly $1M! (even with 16.46T transfer out)

Both of them aped at 9 zeros. $PORK surges to 6 zeros now.

Want to know how much they still hold or their potential selling triggers? Track these top profit gainers for smart insights.

🎯 This method can be applied to other newly issued degen tokens to get you the top profit gainers to stalk.

How To Keep Your Signal Razor-Sharp? 2 Ways

1. Live Smart Trades: Get real-time alerts and never miss a profitable move again. Start Tracking Now.

2. Build Your Own Smart Address Watchlist: Use our Address Explorer to avoid future regrets and mirror the success of top traders. Create Your Strategy.

Why is option 2 more pro?

1. It’s always up-to-date: Address Explorer database updates every 3 hours with the latest top addresses.

2. Customizable:Tailor your strategy to your trading style for optimal results. Set Your Parameters.

Address Explorer - Top Total ROI/Profit Addresses

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