Hard Work + Stealth Signal Alert = solid 💰💰return

Stealth signals have been very active these past few days! On average, 20%+ return per token!

AGB - Stealth Money Trades


– wallet opened 222 days ago

-BUT, remained unused, until 3 days ago, bought $21.48K $AGB

Buy price starting from $0.0(8)4524.

$AGB - Live Stealth Trading

Profit diff.
– hunt stealth signal on your own: 23% profit
– action after seeing Candlestick tweet: 13% profit

$RBN keeps a progressing uptrend every day. And finally, it stands above $0.1828.

On Jun 10 when we spotted the insider ab2f stealth signal of buying $155k value of $RBN, $RBN was at $0.1531.

RBN - Live Stealth Money Trades

$RBN stands above $0.1828.

See these 10 buy orders from 10 different fresh wallets – so similar in purchase value starting from $0.1958.

Current price $0.2696, ~ 38% profit you will get if you spotted these trades on “Live Stealth Trade” (tips: set the value to $2k to filter out the noise)

GST - Live Stealth Money Trades

It does not go in the normal way of insider trading: one account + buy large value + only trade 1 token.

Rather, it separated into 10 different wallets.

– all of them are fresh wallets created 18-19hrs ago

– funds transferred in from Binance

– bought $GST immediately after funds in

– after bought the $2K+ $GST, no other trades

Set "Stealth Money Buy Any Token" Alert

4 simple clicks to set up your customized setting of “Stealth Buy Any Token” alerts.

Click save and get the signal anytime, anywhere.

On Jun 7, Candlestick tracks the $PENDLE insider buy signal.

🥷Stealth 5301 bought a total value of $42K $PENDLE.

$PENDLE - Live Stealth Money Trades

We shared it on Twitter but did not unveil the stealth 5301 buy price.

Unveil🥷 🎭:
– the stealth 5301 bought $42K $PENDLE at $0.501

$PENDLE - Live Stealth Money Trades

After the stealth signal, $PENDLE went up to $0.6413.

🎉Congrats to those sitting on the 28% profit by now!

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