GEM Radar 07/27

2 Examples of Applying The Net Buy Amount Indicator to Gain At Least 11% Profits

RAD Net Buy Amount Signals:

We notice that RAD is on the Top 10 Net Buy Amount token list.

There are 3 Net Buy surges signals in the past 3 days. Meaning you have 3 opportunities to get at least 11.7% profits.

RAD - Net Buy Amount

On Jul 26, 03:00 UTC, the Net Buy Amount increased from $12,150 to $121,706, 10x. The price is up 11.7% in the next 5mins. 

On Jul 26, 10:00 UTC, it was up again to $148,949. The price followed up to +14%.

On Jul 27, 02:00 UTC, the Net Buy Amount reached 3-day ATH at $633,603. The price +21%.

How to find the opportunities?

Refresh the Net Buy Amount token list often, switch to 5min/1h resolution to capture the real-time profit opportunities.

HEX Signals:

HEX - Net Add Amount for Liquidity

HEX Liquidity Net Add Amount reached 1-month ATH on Jul 26.

HEX - Net Buy Amount

HEX Net Buy Amount remains positive since Jul 24.

HEX - Net Buy Amount

Applying the Net Buy Amount Indicator Trader Tutorial we shared before, there are 7 buy signals of HEX during this price uptrend and 4 sell signals at the price peaks.

Candlestick upgraded the Unique Trader metric. You can now check the daily buyers and sellers numbers through this metric to better understand the buy vs sell trend. It is FREE to access!

HEX - Unique Traders

The HEX daily buyers (green) > sellers (blue) in the past 7 days.

LDO - Smart Money Movement

Top Net Buy Value

LDO is the token with decent Smart Money Net Buy Value in 1D besides WBTC, WETH & USDT.

LDO - DEX Trades
  • 81c9 is an arbitrage address
  • d795 bought a $67,187 value of LDO at $1.34.


Candlestick is implementing new features along with 8 new DEXs integration, including Curve, Bancor 3, Synthetix, etc.

Our service will not be available from 04:00 AM UTC July 28 to 04:00 AM UTC July 29.

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