Game Time for DeFi Tokens: BAL, AAVE & CRV. How Does Candlestick Smart Money Take The Lead?

Quick Take

  • DeFi tokens skyrocket today. How does Smart Money take the lead to invest before the price increases?
  • What are the Smart Money current holdings? Have they sold yet?
  • Why are the Candlestick endorsed Smart Money smarter than other whales?

BAL - Smart Money large buy orders at $5.86. 11.4% profit gain now

BAL - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

As seen from the chart above, Smart Money BAL Net Buy Amount surged ($45K) at price $5.86, right at the price bottom before the uptrend. Till now, the BAL is up 11.4%, and only $2k was sold till now. 

Why are the Candlestick endorsed Smart Money smarter than other whales? Candlestick endorsed Smart Money addresses are selected based on a set of profit & win/loss rate algorithms. Not every whale is smart money.

BAL - Net Buy Amount (Debank Tops)

Switch to “Debank Tops”, addresses from Top 10,000 of Debank’s web3 rank with min $500k balance (CEX, DEX, contracts & null addresses are excluded).

These addresses are all with a big amount of assets. But it does not mean they are smart traders.

AAVE - Smart Money was in at $98.42 and sold at $111.31. Gain 13% profits

Following the smarter to get a decent profit. 

AAVE - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

At price $98.42, Smart Money Net Buy Amount surged to $19,156. When the price increased to $111.31, two Net Sell occurred with a total amount of $30,112. It indicates that the Smart Money have already taken the profits. 

Switch to “Debank Tops”

AAVE - Net Buy Amount (Debank Tops)

Combining Debank Tops & Smart Money buy-in indicators, it is a very strong signal. You may consider investing. 

CRV - Continuous positive Smart Money Net Buy at price $1.34, $1.29 & $1.37

CRV - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

Switch to “Debank Tops“. Debank Tops buy orders at $1.35.

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