How To Get The Greatest Value From Profit Top 200?

😎 Profit Top 200 is a dynamic, algo-generated list of the top 200 addresses by ROI from new tokens in the last 2 weeks.

It can be:

1. The project’s stealth accounts
–> when they started to sell, it’s a signal to you.

2. Super new degen token hunters
–> verify their win rate, add them to your watchlist

How To Get The Most Value From 😎Profit Top 200?

Step 1 - Check if they are stealth or smart meme hunter

Take the latest hot meme – $W as an example.

They have sold at the peak and gained super X.

$W - Live Smart Money Trades

Hover & direct to Etherscan

These two 😎Profit Top 200 are not the project’s stealth accounts, they are super new degen hunters.

What are their X in $W? Hover & click the 🔎 to uncover.

$W - Live Smart Money Trades

😎Profit Top 200 0x24db: sold 97% of $W, has gained 32X ROI!

$W - Live Smart Money Trades

😎Profit Top 200 0xd063: sold 97% of $W, 33X return!

Step 2 - Verify their win rate

How to verify their win rate?

1. hover & copy the address here
2. paste on ‘Degen Explorer‘ & ‘Live Smart Trades

Live Smart Money Trades

😎Profit Top 200 0x24db traded 2 tokens in the past 7 days.

🔸 $ketai: 78X ROI
Bought at 12 zeros, sold at 10 zeros

🔸 $W: 32X ROI
Bought at 10 zeros, sold at 9 zeros at peak

Apply the same method to validate the other one 😎Profit Top 200 0xd063. It’s super too!

Step 3 - How to spot their next buy/sell trades?

1. Hove and Add to your watchlist

2. View all trades on ‘Explore – My Watchlist

3. Set up Alert to receive signals

Take a look at how these chads love Candlestick!

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Like fuel to a rocket, encourages us to build an even better product, for you and all our users.

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