GEM Radar 07/01


Top Gainers 1D

LUNCH +74.29%

RLC +62.44%

RADAR +60.08%

M87 +43.16% 

PLA +31.80% 

Top Gainers

Top Net Buy Value 1D

6/7 are stablecoins. A signal of a bearish & silent crypto market.

The only token with a large Net Buy Value is WBTC, $9.72M. But it decreases 64% compared to the day before.

Turn on the “Smart Money” mode to check the top Smart Money Net Buy Tokens. Most of them did have a sharp rally today. 

eg, UNI +7.8% in 2 hours after smart money large buy order happens. BITMATIC, etc.

Top Net Buy Value

Top CEX Net Inflow 1D

CEX Inflow is a very strong bearish signal for short-term trading which usually occurs ahead of the actual price drop. It can alert traders of the risk of the token dumps. 

Normally, when there is a large number of tokens deposited to CEX, the token price will plunge in one or a few hours.

Let’s check the non-stablecoins CVX, OGN & LINK in the list for an example.

Top CEX Net Inflow


CVX - Net CEX Outflow


OGN - Net CEX Outflow
OGN - Net CEX Outflow

Top Tokens Accumulated


Accumulated $396M, +170%


Accumulated $11M, +380%


Accumulated $2.7M, +152%

Top Tokens Accumulated


FTT – Both CEX Net Outflow (+6612%) & Net Buy Value +223% increased largely on Jun 30. Wintermute withdrew $60K FTT from FTX.

MATIC – Net Buy Value is slightly negative but CEX Net Outflow +400%. Many traders are withdrawing MATIC from CEX to their address, for holding, staking, or farming

A Full-Time Trader?

Go to the “Explore” page, and scroll down to Live Trading: Large Orders in 24h. This is a must-track data for full-time trading.

See the large buy orders of WETH in the past 4 mins?

You can find many opportunities here!

Live Trading - Large Orders
Live Trading - Large Orders

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