GEM Radar 07/25

Top Net Buy Value Tokens

Top Net Buy Value

GEM Hunt Workflow:

  1. Check the Net Buy token list
  2. 5min/1h resolution
  3. Turn on “Smart Money Mode” & refresh the data


Use TEMPLE as an example. 

TEMPLE DEX 5min Net Buy Amount surge from 0 to $183k. The TEMPLE price skyrocketed from $0.6285 to $0.6821, +8.5%

TEMPLE - Net Buy Amount

Follow Smart Money. Make Them Work For You

BOND has gained 4x in the past 1 week from $6.38 to $22.6. 

Candlestick recorded a Smart Money sold BOND at $22 yesterday!

BOND - DEX Trades

Hype About SHIB Burnt? As An Alpha Trader, Don't Be Mislead

SHIB - Top Addresses by Balances/Changes

SHIB was on Twitter trending yesterday. SHIB holders are hyped about SHIB burnt.

As an Alpha Trader, you should check one more piece of data to avoid being misled.

In the past 7 days, 836 million SHIB tokens were burnt. However, it is just worth less than $10k. 

Checking the SHIB token balance on the XShib Staked Shiba Inu contract, $1.89 million value of SHIB was removed from the staking pool.

We Shared. Make Sure You Apply

Candlestick Pro plan is just $3.3/per day. Unlock 29 token signals, 9 GEM lists & Smart Money movements.

We received quite a few DMs about how to earn 3.3 USD a day. Check Trader Tutorials here to level up your trading. 

We shared. Learn, apply & profit.

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