$OX & $RLB :Two chances to spot the stealth signal and jump in before the increase

$OX & $RLB surge. Why mention these 2 tokens together? Keep reading you will know.


First Time

July 26th, 🥷stealth 0xda47…8931 loaded the dip when $OX dropped below $0.035.

🥷stealth 0xda47…8931 bought 2.7M $OX at $0.034.

$OX - Live Stealth Trades

1D later, a new stealth 0x5a68…7af7 came with an even bigger amount loaded – 3M $OX bought.

$OX - Live Stealth Trades

If you capture the first time $OX stealth signal to load in $0.034, you will get around 76% to 105% profit now.

🥑 Tip: Use the TXV value filter to lower the noise.

Second Time

On Jun 30, OPNX Official announced the FatManTerra Justice token distribution to $RLB, $OX holders.

5 days ago, before announcement, a stealth address 0x9b4b…88f9 loaded a large amount of $OX & $RLB.

Does he know ahead of time that something is cooking?

It’s a fresh wallet created 5 days ago with $225K $USDT transferred in from Binance to buy $OX and $RLB.

🥷88f9 bought $50K $RLB at avg price of $0.0745.

$RLB - Live Stealth Money Trades (Jun 30)


$75K $OX bought at avg price of $0.0355. 4 buy orders. ~$20K each.

🥑 Something you can find here

Apply the 3 traits to validate:

  • fresh wallet created
  • a large vol bought
  • only trade this token

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