Tokens That Smart Money Bought & Not Sold Yet: BAL & QOM. Large CEX deposits tokens: SAND & SRM

Quick Take

  • BAL – The second time that Smart Money trade BAL. Last time, they got 13% profit.
  • QOM – Smart Money was in at 5376. 
  • Large CEX deposits to notice – SAND & SRM.

BAL - The second time that Smart Money trade BAL. Last time, they got 13% profit.

BAL - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

BAL Smart Money Net Buy Amount increased when the price is at $6.8. 

Check Smart Money Live Trading to know which Smart Money is buying and his buying strategy.

BAL - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Go back to BAL Smart Money Net Buy Amount, change to 7d time range. You can see this is the second time that Smart Money trade BAL. Last time, they gained an average profit of 13%.

BAL - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

QOM - Smart Money was in at 5376. Though the current price has dropped to 4857, not sold yet.

Smart Money bought at $0.00000005323 & $0.00000005376. Though the current price dropped to $0.00000004857, Smart Money did not sell yet.

QOM - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

What if the Smart Money bought at DEX and transferred into CEX to sell?

Track the Net CEX Outflow, turn on “Smart Money” mode, and you will see there are no CEX deposits. Hence, Smart Money are holding the QOM tokens and has not sold them yet.

Large CEX deposits tokens to notice


In the last 1d, SAND Net Withdraw $ (deposit – withdraw) is $1.62M.


SRM - CEX Flow

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