88 Addresses Made $1M+ on PEPE. Does It Have to be Early?

88 addresses made $1M+ on $PEPE, the only non-dog memecoin in the Top 40 MC.

On Mar. 6, $PEPE became the only meme in the top 40 MC that’s not a dog. Price up 981,171x in 1 year from $0.(10)1.


88 Addresses Made $1M+ on $PEPE. Does It Have to be Early?

We investigated 88 addresses with $1M+ profit on $PEPE and here’s our findings:

1 – Early comers have an edge

40% of the $1M-profit addresses entered $PEPE in its first week since the first pool creation.

2 – There’s still a chance at halftime

23 traders (26%) built their positions after the first 6 months and still managed to make a $1M profit

3 – HODL is the key

67% (59 addresses) held for more than 100 days. 35% (31 addresses) held for more than 300 days, and are still holding.

Let’s zoom in to the address visible in the upper right corner of the chart — the address held 350+ days for $30M+ profit

The trader lost $276k on 7 other bets but PEPE last year. There they turned $3.15M into more than $30M of profit, sold $1.5M and sent $800k to another address. The address still holds 3.9T $PEPE ($30M) for a 9.8x ROI.

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$PEPE Is ‘Old’ - Should We Still Pay Attention?

Here’s more alpha after digging into the 31 profitable traders among the top 200 $PEPE holders active in the last 30 days:

  1. Top traders are still accumulating. 10 addresses (32%) added more $PEPE to their bags.
  2. 21% of the top 200 addresses (9 traders) have never sold
PEPE Top Traders

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