How To Monitor The Token Burn? How To Know Position Changes of Top Holders? All On One Metric


  • The Top Holders chart distinguishes address types
  • Multiple usages: Token Burning Monitor + Top Trader’s Position Tracker + Smart Money’s Position Tracker

Understanding Top Holders Chart

The Candlestick Top Holders metric is a table displaying the token balance changes in on-chain addresses. 

  • Labels: We’ve marked the types of addresses to distinguish burn addresses, staking addresses, CEX addresses, DEX addresses, Millionaires, etc. Turn on the Smart Money mode to see the addresses balance of Smart Money and Debank Tops.
  • Changes: Increases in balance reflect buy-in or transfer-in activity. Oppositely, decreasing percentage represents sell-off or transfer-out. 
SHIB - Top Holders

According to our practice, this chart has two primary uses:

  • Token Burning Monitor
  • Trader’s Position Tracker

Monitor Token Burning

Burning crypto means removing tokens from the circulating supply permanently. Sending assets to a Null Address is the most common burning method.

The token burn could affect the price as it reduces the circulating token amount, which is considered a bullish signal to investors.

For example, on Nov 14, suffered distrust, and its original token, $CRO, dropped over 15% in 24 hours.

We observed that transferred 200,000,000.00 ($11,775,771.11) $CRO to the Null Address.

CRO - CEX Flow
CRO - Top Holders

Although it can’t be confirmed as 100% burning – they might migrate CRO (ERC20) on the Ethereum network to CRO on Chain Mainnet. However, the news boosted market confidence and brought a short-term price rebound.

Video Tutorial

Track Position Changes

Top Holders is also a powerful tool to predict traders’ perspectives.

Take the $FTT crash as an example. On Nov 7, we noticed that among the Top 15 Holders, 3 of the “Millionaire” addresses had cleared all their $FTT holdings.

FTT - Top Holders

Turning on Smart Money mode will give insights into the alpha trader’s expectations. For example, on Oct 25, we found three Smart DEX Traders increased their $SHI positions in 7 days.

SHI - Top Holders (Smart Money Mode)

Data proved those traders got ready beforehand for the $SHI pump

Last but not least, a decrease in balance sometimes means holding. For example, traders moving tokens to a staking address will also cause their balance to decrease. The specific behavior needs to be judged based on address types and more indicators.

More Indicators, More Complete Pics

When analyzing, combining more Candlestick indicators brings you the whole picture.

For example, when Shibarmy was celebrating a token burn, one of our users calmly pointed out the actual value of the burnt and the unfavorable situation of liquidity removal.

SHIB - Top Holders
SHIB - Net Add Liquidity

That’s what we call analytics.

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