TraderScan Public Launched! Scan The Trading Profitability Of Any Addresses Across Any Tokens

Hope the Green Candlestick will bring you boisterous joy, abundant health, and generous luck in the year 2024!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

TraderScan Public Launch just released! All users now can spend your earned queries on TraderScan, to scan any address’s trading profitability in the last 7D, 1M, 3M, 6M and 1Y.

TraderScan - Scan Any Address's Trading Performance Across Any Tokens

All users now can spend your Queries to search any address’s trading performance on TraderScan!

New: 7-D Trading Profitability Tracking Across Any Address!

Degens! Want to discover the active traders who’ve snagged the latest gems? The top addresses boast the highest profits and a solid win rate.

–> Address Explorer now supports the top address scanning in the last 7 days! Scanning all addresses’ trading profitability for tokens they first-in in the last 7 days.

Address Explorer - Scan The Top Traders Addresses

Top addresses by ROI (last 7d) with customized settings of:

– Token traded>=3

– Win rate >=60%

Address Explorer - Scan The Top Traders Addresses

Those in YELLOW are the ones I added to ‘My Wallet Watchlist‘ after analyzing their trading details on TraderScan.

Here to share one.

0x781a…9881: 12x ROI in tokens he first bought in the last 7 days.

0x781a...9881 - TraderScan Profile

Made $11,248 profit from just $943 last 7D.

AND, amazing win rate! ALL win in the 4 tokens he bought.

Suitable for small ticket-sized crypto traders to follow. Avg trade size $236.

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