5 Hidden Features To Use TraderScan Smartly

1. Does the smart trader consistently maintain good profitability?

The crypto market changes so fast. A smart trader’s strong performance 6 months ago doesn’t necessarily mean similar results in the past 3 months.

How can you assess this?

–> TraderScan offers an analysis of an address’s profitability over various periods: the last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

Trader Profitability Profile Uncovered on TraderScan

2. Quickly check the smart trader's latest buy token & the buy price?

Eliminating the effort of reading each trade on the block explorer, TraderScan simplifies your research by decoding all the details about an address.

Simply click the ⬇️ arrow on ‘Last’:

–> Instantly access the full pic of the trader’s latest actions on each token.

Eg, this whale 0x9eda…0ade, over $40M trading volume in the last 1 month. His latest buy token is $LDO.

Trader Profitability Profile Uncovered on TraderScan

3. Uncover the smart trader's trading secret across all tokens through a double-click

Through the ‘Tip 2’, get to know the whale 0x9eda…0ade’s latest buy token is $LDO. This whale has an over $40M trading volume in the last 1 month.

At what price did he get in? Is it a re-bought? How was his profit in the previous trades?

Uncover all this info through a double-click on the token bar or a single-click on the ‘+’.

Uncover The Trader's Trades Across All Tokens

1. 0x9eda…0ade latest trade in $LDO – bought 391,782 $LDO, the value of $928,592.

2. Prices range from $2.36 to $2.39. Avg buy price $2.37.

3. His trading ROI and PnL in $LDO – 20.22%

4. Instantly spot scam or fake trades.

As an address becomes more prominent, it often attracts fake trades designed to create the illusion of activity to mislead crypto traders.

TraderScan differentiates these.

–> It converts what appears as ‘execute’ on the block explorer to ‘receive from contract’ on the address ‘On-chain Actions’ tab.

–> On TraderScan, if you see a trade decoded as ‘receive from contract’, you’ll know right away it’s a fake trade.👇

TraderScan - On-chain Actions

This feature helps you quickly discern the fake trade that is trying to mislead CT.

Eg, the $MEMEPEPE token 👆

5. Add to your Watchlist & set Alert

Add to Your Watchlist & Set Alert after assessing the address:

– trading profitability (ROI, PnL, Win Rate)

– trading frequency

– risk tolerance and

– trade size, etc on TraderScan

Get your target smart traders’ live movements on ‘Explore – My Watchlist

Explore - My Watchlist

Set Alert via ‘Address Event’ -> ‘My Watchlist’, supports 6 events of live movements

Set Up An Alert to Receive Signals Sent to Your Browser and Telegram

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