What Dips Are Smart Money Loading? 2 token Explore lists to sneak peek


  •  2 token Explore lists to see the cryptos that Smart Money are loading the dips – Top Losers & Top Net Buy. Turn on Smart Money mode.

Follow Smart Money To Set Up Your "Greedy Asset"

The market crashed again today. BTC down 6% & ETH decreased 9%. Almost all the top 100 market cap cryptos saw a significant price drop today. 

Be greedy when others are fearful. But the most important thing is you must choose the correct assets to be greedy to enhance the gain. 

A good way is to follow the Smart Money. There are 2 token lists where you can see what cryptos Smart Money are loading the dips.

Top Losers List + Turn On Smart Money Mode

One potential profit in a crypto bear market is finding GEM tokens/meme coins. We notice that many Smart Money are investing in meme coins. How to follow the Smart Money pace? – Check the Top Gainers List & Top Losers List. Remember to turn on Smart Money mode.

Top Losers List – What Tokens That Smart Money Are Buying The Dips?

Top Losers List - Smart Money

Go to “Explore” –> “Top Losers” list —> Turn on Smart mode & choose “All Tokens” instead of “verified tokens”.

You will see there are many tokens without logos. This is because all these tokens are very new and unverified. Most are meme coins with a low cap but with Smart Money buy actions.

Click on the token to check the Smart Money buy orders. Go to “Live Trading” —> “DEX Trades” —> Turn on “Smart Money” mode, you will see the Smart Money buy/sell orders in the past 7 days.

Take the first one KUJIRA as an example.

KUJIRA - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

3 smart DEX Trader af2d, 9f4d, and 5a25 have invested in KUJIRA. The next step you should do is to analyze their trades to understand their entry price, exit price and whether they are still holding it.

Top Net Buy Token List + Turn On Smart Money Mode

If you are not meme coin hunters that prefer high-cap cryptos more, check the Top Net Buy Token list. Remember to turn on the “Smart Money” mode. 

Switch resolution to 1 hour or 5mins to see what tokens Smart Money is buying during today’s crash.

Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money

The tokens will change according to the data in last 1 hour & 5 mins.

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