Telegram-Bot Tokens. Smart & Stealth Signals pinpoint $LOOT & $UNIBOT

Telegram-bot filed tokens are really hot this week. TBH, we’re not the social types, it’s not intuition from socials that guides us to these hot tokens. Instead, it’s our Smart & Stealth signals that pinpoint the Telegram-bot hot tokens.

How? Let’s uncover

The early comers Smart Traders entered at a super low price of $0.03303, $0.04 & $0.09.

Including Smart DEX Traders, Smart Meme, & Profit Top 200, these 3 types of Candlestick Smart Traders all smell sth bullish.

$LOOT - Smart Money Trades

Most of them start selling when achieving a decent return of over 101%!

This is pretty good isn’t it? 

Guess who made the largest return? - The one who holds

$LOOT - Live Smart Money Trades

If 😎Me***.eth sells all his $LOOT holding now,

– 53K $LOOT bought at avg buy price of $0.29

– $LOOT current price $1.2

–> 💸 304% in 3 days!

He may transfer to another address to sell as well.

The ultimate method is to monitor his position changes through $LOOT Smart Holders chart + live trading.

13/30 Top Holders have a $LOOT balance +/-. Uncover their live movements.

1086 $UNIBOT (value of $54,951) was bought starting from $48.74.

Apply the 4 steps in successful cases of $ROKO$CNC$PENDLE to validate it!

The second time of Smart + Stealth emerged, it was $0.09 (1 day ago).

Now $RLB goes to $0.13 ATH last 24h.

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