$PENDLE Binance Listing: Insider Front Trades & Post-Listing Sell Pressure

$PENDLE perfectly demonstrates the trader tips we shared here ‘How To Spot Upcoming CEX Listings With Candlestick Key Metrics & Track Their Performance?‘:

1. Before CEX listing –>Stealth money buy and lurk

2. After CEX listing announcement –> In many cases, the price will drop as increasing sell pressure will appear on CEX. Must monitor the CEX flow.

Detecting the solid insider trading signal through stealth trades, we have successfully spotted many front trading before the CEX listing. Eg, $LQTY (list on Binance), $RJV, $NXRA etc.

$PENDLE is just another one. Stealth Trading before the Binance listing ann.

The first time when we spotted and alerted the $PENDLE stealth insider signal, it was Jun 7th, $PENDLE was ~ $0.501.

The second time when a new distinct insider signal emerged (🥷 7cb3), it was Jun 30. $PENDLE was $0.7895. 

$PENDLE Live Stealth Money Trades
$PENDLE Live Stealth Money Trades

$PENDLE surged to $1.35 after the listing announcement.
Monitor the sell pressure via Net CEX Outflow

Sell pressure on CEX expanded after the Binance listing announcement.

$PENDLE Net CEX Outflow

5-min Net CEX Outflow (deposit-withdraw):

1. $-132K at price of $1.34

2. $-2.9M at price of $1.18

3. $-3M at price of $1.19

5-min DEX buy power is not that strong compared to that before the announcement released.

$PENDLE Net Buy Value

CEX buy/sell is the key to monitor. $PENDLE Top 5 Exchanges are all CEXs.

$PENDLE Top Exchange

By 12pm UTC0 July 3, see how much $PENDLE was deposited to Binance to get ready for the trading open.


Ranked by ‘Value’, the substantial CEX deposit are all to Binance.

Smart Meme Pro has just been updated (monthly update):

As promised, implement Dynamic Smart Money list for you to make sure the Smart ones you see are indeed smart!

Alpha: 65 addresses updated as of July 1st
Pro: 107 addresses updated as of June 1st

42 addresses are filtered out by our algo.

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