Enjoy 68%+ Profit: Get $TSUKA Buy Signals Before Everyone Else

For $TSUKA fans, you must have received tons of buy signals from Candlestick Alerts 8d ago at $0.077, then got 68%+ profits.

TSUKA Signals

Smart Money Accumulation Signals

On Feb 7, $TSUKA Smart Money DCAer 9***.eth accumulated tokens again.

He loaded $TSUKA at $0,077, then sold a small bag at $0.098 & $0.117.

TSUKA - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

9***.eth is an early $TSUKA investor who still keeps 2.7M $TSUKA ($340K) in balance.

TSUKA - Top Holders (Smart Money)

Stealth Money's Activity In $TSUKA

On Feb 6, Stealth Money started to do sth to $TSUKA.

We shared a tip before: If a stealth address does buy-sell-buy-sell orders repeatedly, it tends to be MM.

The Stealth Money repeated buy-sell orders from $0.082 to $0.092.

TSUKA - Stealth Money Trades

Track Top 1 $TSUKA Holder

$TSUKA No.1 Holder Tubbasvault.eth balance decreased 600K ($75K) on Feb 10.

TSUKA - Top Holders

What did he do?

Tubbasvault.eth transferred 600K $TSUKA to tubba.eth, then tubba.eth sent tokens to 0xd974.

TSUKA - Top Holders

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Candlestick has launched Stealth Money features: 

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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