Celsius Network Crisis: Analytics in 5 Indicators

cel crash

The crypto-lending firm Celsius Network halted withdrawals on Jun 13. Candlestick indicators recorded real-time on-chain activities.

Net Buy Amount

Candlestick 5mins resolution Net Buy Amount Indicator shows a significant net sell on decentralized exchanges at 02:15, which may cause a continued decline in $CEL.

cei crash

$CEL Smart Money Net Buy Amount Indicator shows:

  • 24k, a sell at $0.286
  • 9.9k & 19k, buys at $0.179 & $0.158 resp.

Some FUD, some buy the dip. Who are they?

DEX Trades

Check Candlestick Live Trading — DEX Trades indicator:

  • Sell Vol $27.75k by Wintermute
  • Buy Vol $34.93k by Smart DEX Trader 0xb7f1

Turnover Rate

On Jun 14, the $CEL Turnover Rate indicator recorded 2 peaks when the price bottomed at 2:30 and 2:45 resp. After this, the price started to rebound.


Net Add Amount for Liquidity

While the $CEL price has recovered, Celsius Network liquidity providers seem to lose confidence.

Net Add Amount for Liquidity decreased 426608% in a single day.


Liquidity Providers

The number of lps also dropped to a low level.

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