Meme Coin Season – 3 Methods to Hunt New Degen Meme

Memecoin season, are you looking for the next $PEPE$TURBO$SPONGE, etc? 

How to increase the win rate of hunting meme gems?

Here are the 3 methods for you.

Method 1 - Hunt with 🥷 stealth

We observed that many new addresses are rushing into meme coins, which created a lot of noise on the Top Net Buy by Stealth leaderboard.

Top Net Buy by Stealth Money

Meme Coin Season, more filter-noise work is needed to hunt the GEM with Stealth.

$YOSHI is the one with obvious Stealth buy SIGNALS.

🥷7409 bought 558,938 $YOSHI value $10,034 at $0.01795.

The current $YOSHI price $0.03424.

If you capture this stealth signal, it is 90% profit till now.

$YOSHI - Stealth Money Trades

Why 🥷7409 is solid?

– wallet created 22hrs ago
– after 10k $USDT funds in from Binance
– 🥷7409 bought $YOSHI immediately
– only trade 1 token

Tips to filter the noise:

– Not many stealth addresses trades (eg, $BEN$FOUR are not the ones)
– large value bought
– only trade 1 token

Method 2 - Degen Explorer is the weapon for you

Degen Explorer

3 Tips:

  • Choose the new meme token with both Smart Meme Pro & Smart DEX Trader bought
  • Hover on the Smart DEX Trader address to get his badges.

Those with “Three 50x” & “Ten 10x” are the smart traders with great profit ratios and win rate >60%

Method 3 - Follow top meme coin top holders

If you think those $PEPE$TURBO$MONG etc Top Holders are the smart guy to hunt meme coins, tracking what new meme did they switch to is a way to get opportunity

How to do that?

Step 1:
– Go to the token’s Top Holders chart
– Hover to add the top holders to “My Watchlist

Step 2:
– Go to “My Watchlist” to track their real-time trading.

After adding $PEPE & $TURBO Top Holders to My Watchlist.

We found:

$TURBO Top Holder f2c2 bought $37k value of $TURBO at ~ $0.001 42mins ago.
$TURBO Top Holder Skull***.eth bought $MSPEPE 1hr ago at 9 zeros.

My Wallet Watchlist
$MSPEPE Smart Money Trades

$TURBO top holder buy the dip during $SPONGE decline

My Wallet Watchlist

How to make full use of the powerful Alert function to receive Alpha signals anytime, anywhere?

A straightforward video to show you how to make full use of the powerful Alert function to receive Alpha signals anytime, anywhere.

Key features of Candlestick Alert:

1. 30+ token metrics data changes alert
– Net Buy
– Net Add Liquidity
– Net CEX Outflow
– New Traders

2. Token actions of
– buy
– sell
– CEX deposit
– CEX withdraw
– Liquidity add
– Liquidity remove

from 8 groups
– My Watchlist
– Stealth
– Smart
– Debank Tops
– Funds & VCs

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