Exploring $ARB (Arbitrum) Airdrop: DEX, CEX, & Liquidity Analysis With A Peak Selling Price Of $10

The $ARB (Arbitrum) Airdrop has recently been a significant event in the cryptocurrency world. 

Our developers completed and launched the relevant charts before the Airdrop to meet Candlestick users’ demand for on-chain analytics of the $ARB token.

We expanded a bunch of features to the Arbitrum blockchain before the Airdrop.

8 Top Leaderboards:

3 Live Large Orders Trackers

9 Indicators

With comprehensive data, we tracked the entire process of the $ARB airdrop.

Before The Airdrop

A few hours before the airdrop claim, we observed enormous Liquidity was added to the Uniswap V3.

Note: Liquidity value was 0 because there was no $ARB DEX transaction generating price then.

$ARB - Add/Remove Liquidity

When The Airdrop Happened

CEX inflows/outflowsDEX buys/sells, & add/remove Liquidity are fundamental on-chain data we track.

Let’s see what happened in the Airdrop.

CEX Flows

When the claim went live, Wintermute started depositing $ARB to Binance, Huobi, Bybit, Kucoin, Okex, Bitfinex, Gateio & Kraken for listing $ARB trading pairs.

$ARB - CEX Flow

The CEX Inflow data proved that Binance is the largest & key market for $ARB.

$ARB - CEX Flow

When traders claimed for the Airdrop, significant CEX deposits began to appear.

Within 15 mins, we recorded $838.48K CEX Inflows.

$ARB - CEX Flow

The value soon grew bigger.

$ARB - Net CEX Outflow

The Net CEX Outflow indicator recorded a 24-hour Net Outflow Value of $-367.06M.

$ARB - Net CEX Outflow

If this indicator turns positive, it indicates a decrease in selling pressure on $ARB, and the token price may rise. 

Deposit trends moderated on Mar 25.

$ARB - Net CEX Outflow

DEX Buys/Sells

On Mar 23, 2023, 01:01:46 PM UTC, the first DEX transaction occurred on Uniswap V3.

7f49 is the first DEX seller we recorded. He sold 6,250.00 $ARB at $10.27. It’s the highest selling price so far.

$ARB - DEX Trades

In the first 15 minutes of DEX trading, we recorded a Net Buy Vol of -$1.25M.

$ARB - DEX Trades

According to the latest data, the Net Buy Vol recorded $-24.88M, indicating more significant selling pressure than buying power.

$ARB - DEX Trades

Add/Remove Liquidity

The first $50K+ liquidity removal was recorded at 02:21:23 AM, Mar 23, 2023, UTC.

$99,910 $USDC removed from $ARB / $USDC pair on Trader Joe V2.

$ARB - Add/Remove Liquidity

However, increasing Liquidity is still the choice of most LPs.

On Mar 24, we observed that some traders are buying $ARB to add Liquidity, such as a490, who added $827K Liquidity after purchasing. 

$ARB - DEX Trades
$ARB - Add/Remove Liquidity

Currently, the $ARB Net Add Liquidity gain is $221.24M with 24.72K providers.

$ARB - Add/Remove Liquidity

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