Are Top Holders ‘Alpha Wallets’ of The Token?

Run instant profitability analysis on top holders of a certain token through a hover to trigger TraderScan Plug-in – view the address’s Positions, ROI, and Total Profit for associated tokens.


Of the top 6 $MOG holders, excluding contracts, the highest profit earner is not the first but the sixth holder, Unsustainable.eth.

$MOG - Top Holders

$MOG first holder Vxv.eth:
– 35.64% ROI
– $136K Total Profit

$MOG sixth holder Unsustainable.eth:
– 2x ROI
– $223K Total Profit

Uncover their Win Rate & PnL through TraderScan
–> Unsustainable.eth has a way better trading performance in the last 1 month – all win.😎

What does it mean to you?

Validate smart addresses with confidence on TraderScan. No more blind follow with the so-called ‘smart’ in the market.

Soon, you’ll be able to explore the ‘Address Explore’ feature, which showcases the Top Addresses based on PnL, ROI, and Win Rate.

Plus, you can generate your own Smart Traders list by customizing settings, like targeting a specific % ROI with a minimum % Win Rate.

🎁 Secure your benefits and gain unlimited access to our top-tier features Alpha Plus with these two strategies!

TraderScan is currently in Early Access, and we want to let you know that prices will increase once we move to public access after 3 weeks. The Alpha Plus plan will return to its original price of $199/month.

1. Lock in Long-Term Access with a 20% Discount

You can secure long-term access to the Alpha Plus plan ($199) at the current discounted rate of $159. Eg. Purchasing a 1-Year Alpha now means you will get Complimentary Upgrade to Alpha Plus for the whole year.

2. Keep your Alpha Plus plan ($199) at the discounted rate of $159 as long as your fiat Stripe auto-renewal remains active.

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