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AST - Listing on Coinbase Today. How to sniff signals ahead of others?

Candlestick recorded multiple deposits to Coinbase from the same address 0x67f8…087b started 2 days ago. It is a hidden signal of Coinbase listing definitely.

AST - CEX Flow

How to monitor the AST metrics and gain profits in this uptrend?

1 hour before the Coinbase listing announcement, the Net Buy Amount surges from 0 to $15475. At that time, the price is not up yet $0.076.

Refresh the data of the Top Net Buy Amount token list on Explore page to capture the signal on time.

AST - Net Buy Amount

An obvious sell signal appears when the price is at $0.1316. This is the first time that the Net Buy Amount turns negative after the Coinbase listing was announced. But the price is still up — sell to exit.

UNI - Top 1 Trading Volume Token Except for Stablecoin, WBTC & WETH

Checking the CEL signal distribution chart. The space of the graph represents the % of bullish signals vs bearish signals.

Top Trading Volume

Check Net Buy Amount, Trading Volume & Turnover Rate to evaluate the trend.

UNI - Net Buy Amount

The Net Buy Amount in red validates that the trading volume surge is by the sell orders value increases.

UNI - Trading Volume

The Trading vol increased largely when the UNI price drops to $5.63.

UNI - Turnover Rate

The Turnover rate increase to 3-day ATH when the price drops to $5.63, aligning with the trading vol signal.

According to the current Trading Vol & Turnover Rate signals, we can predict that the UNI token price may take more time to reverse because the signals show that traders panic and keep selling when the price drops.

FTT - Total CEX Outflow is $-178M in the Past 7D

FTT - Net CEX Outflow

FTT was kept transferring in CEX in the past 7 days, recording a total CEX outflow of $178M.

The deposits are mainly to FTX exchange.

FTT - CEX Flow

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