How to Trade Smarter by Candlestick Indicators

trade smarter


Candlestick covers 99% data on Ethereum, ensuring that you can gain complete signals into Liquidity, Dex Trading, Buying & Selling power.

99% data

Candlestick supports 40+ Dexs, including Uniswap V1/V2/V3, SushiSwap, ShibaSwap, 1inch, 0x, etc. 60+ bullish & bearish indicators of over 200,000 tokens.


AI and Mach Learn are applied to study data indicators and token price correlations.

Based on the result, 20+ unique correlated metrics on Candlestick that you can’t find them elsewhere.

net buy


Candlestick Actionable bullish & bearish indicators:

  • Real-time resolutions of 5mins, 15mins, and 1h for short-swing crypto trading.
  • Signal trending of 1month, 3months, and 1year time range for long-term DiamondHands.
  • actionable

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    Candlestick Smart Money:

  • Analyze wallets’ activities & profitability to label
  • Apply on 40+ signal charts
  • Highly flexible. Switching charts between different smart money categories WL open — Apr 25 CHK pinned post to win.
  • smart money chart

    Gem Hunting on Candlestick:

  • Check Token ranking by smart money activities, including top gainers; top net buy value cryptocurrency by smart money, etc.
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