3 Cool Features Even Alpha Users Haven’t Really Got The Essence

Even Alpha users haven’t really got the essence of these 3 cool features that could enhance your Alpha signal hunting experience.

🥑 Signal Alert (3 cool settings)
🥑 My Watchlist Tags (different groups for different signals)
🥑 Address Search

It demonstrates how the Candlestick team spares no effort, even in the smallest functionalities, to make your experience better & more seamless.

3 Cool Settings in Signal Alert Setting 📶

Set Up Your Custom Alert

1. For degen/meme hunters, tick the ‘Degen Explorer’
–> to ONLY receive low-cap token signals from Smart 😎 & Stealth🥷

2. Exclude some tokens that you don’t want to receive signals
–> less noise to improve your efficiency

3. Set the HIGHEST frequency – 15mins
–> you don’t need to reactivate the setting again and again

Many users have this question ‘why has my alert setting changed to ‘inactive’?. This is the tip 👆

🔮'My Watchlist' tags: classify your watchlist groups for different trading strategies

My Watchlist

You may have different address lists for different purposes, eg,

– those that gain super X profit

– those with lower ROI but a high win rate

Top Holders of the tokens you’re holding

Insider addresses

etc (look at mine in pic 1)

My Watchlist

Tick the group tags to only see their trades, available on:

– Explore – My Watchlist feed

– Every token’s Live Trading feed

🔍 Address transaction search - extremely fast and seamless if you're doing micro signal digging!

Just one click will do.

RLB - Live Stealth Money Trades

This small feature can largely enhance your micro-trading strategy!

🥑 Uncover the reasons for Top Holders’ significant balance change
– copy the address in the token ‘Top Holder chart’
– paste & search on ‘Live Trading’

Unveil if the Top Holder’s balance +/- is from dex buy/sell, cex deposit/withdraw or liquidity add/remove immediately.

RLB - Live Stealth Money Trades

🥑 Track Smart or Stealth avg buy/sell price

In many cases, 😎 or 🥷will DCA to load tokens.

Get their total buy volume & prices by 🔍

Eg, p2 for $RLG stealth address 0x0edc…ebf5

These are just a little touch on how powerful Candlestick is.

The magic comes from our efforts in crafting every single function.

You would also find them in cases like:

– the “hide first X mins” feature for degen hunters in case they want to exclude potential liquidity sniper

Degen Explorer by Smart Money

– the “trade size” filter for easier navigating stealth signals.

Live Stealth Money Trades

– the auto name feature when adding an address to your watchlist

Like Hawkeye’s trick arrows🏹, there’s more than meets the eye!👀

One tiny button, a myriad of uses.

All yours!

It is how you want to use them to level up your different trading strategies!

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