Alpha Tips – Trade with Proven-Profit Traders on A Specific Token

🌞GM/🌛GN to your day with red or green? You can acquire some trading skills to make your days with more green candles.

We observed,
it’s not uncommon for a Smart Trader to re-buy a token after realizing a decent profit.

This happens every day. Today, we will share one case – a new meme coin $PEPE2.0.

😎Profit Top 200 0x6e3b re-bought $PEPE2.0 after his 43x profit from the previous trade.

43x Profit In A Day🚀

On Jun 28, 😎 Profit Top 200 0x6e3b bought $PEPE20 at 10 zeros $0.0(10)9200.

$PEPE2.0 - Live Profit Top 200 Trades

Sold via 9 trades from $0.0(9)2102 to $0.0(7)4488.

Turned 0.1 $ETH into 4.41 $ETH. 43x profit!

Live Smart Money Trades

When $PEPE20 retraced to $0.0(7)2988,😎 Profit Top 200 0x6e3b re-bought and sold 39% at $0.0(7)4715 – 58% profit.

$PEPE20 Live Profit Top 200 Trades

If you seize the signal, as a new meme coin latecomer, you can still enjoy that 58% profit!

To Conclude The Alpha Tips with Necessary Steps

1. Trade with the Smart trader who has a proven excellent profit record on a specific token.

2. Hover over the address and add him to your watchlist (eg, add 😎 Profit Top 200 0x6e3b)

3. Monitor his trades on Explore – My Watchlist

4. Set an Alert to track his live buy/sell orders

5. It’s important to monitor his sell orders to exit at a better price if you follow his buy to enter – set an Alert

Set An Alert

A Hidden Feature of Stealth Money to Find Hidden Gems

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