Crypto Signals 08/04

BTC/WBTC Signals

5 large trades – sold WETH to buy WBTC. The avg buy price is $23,000.

WBTC - DEX Trades

$1 million WBTC withdrew from CEX (FTX & Coinbase) to wallet.


Tokens withdrew from CEX back to the wallet indicates the traders tend to hold or stake the tokens instead of selling them.

UNI - Will The Price Up Continue?

UNI price +64.8% in the past 30 days. In the past 3 days, it has been up from $8.3 to $9.35. Will this uptrend continue? 

The surge on Aug 3 Net Buy Amount pushed the UNI price to $9.35.

It is clearly shown on the below chart, the Aug 4 Net Buy Amount is much smaller compared to Aug 3 Net Buy Amount.

UNI - Net Buy Amount

At the price of $8.66, the sellers are active.

For Alpha traders, it is a MUST to check through different metrics to validate the signals.

Check the Trading Volume, Turnover Rate Net Buy Amount of UNI

UNI - Trading Vol

Trading vol surged at the price of $8.66. 61% are large trades.

UNI - Turnover Rate

Also, the Turnover Rate surged at the same price $8.66. 

So bear or bull? Check the Net Buy Amount indicator (1D/5min resolution), go to Aug 4 08:10 UTC. At that 5min, the Net Buy Amount is negative.

Combining these 3 metrics, it can tell that when the UNI price went down to $8.66, it triggered traders’ sell actions. 

Large Value CEX Deposits Alerts

Live Trading - Large Orders in 24h

$4M value of SHIT shitcoin was deposited to Huobi & MEXC.

$1M value of JASMY was deposited to MEXC.

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