The Handbook Of Alpha Trading Cases


  • Do you want to find the next hidden GEMs? Follow Smart Meme Pro traders to find alpha.
  • Prefer medium risk for medium return? Copy trade with Smart DEX Traders.

Follow Candlestick Smart Money To Find Alpha

There are 4 types of Smart Money Traders in the Candlestick address lists – Smart DEX Traders, DeFi OG, Crypto Funds & Smart Meme Pro Traders.

We’ve recorded so many magic trading cases that proved they are brilliant.

Take 10x To 100x Returns In A Few Minutes

Spot hidden Gems and take 10x to 100x returns quickly — 21 Gems trading cases to show you the magic skills of Candlestick Smart Money.

There are 10 practical meme coin trading cases to show you the magic skills of Candlestick Smart Meme Traders.

Earn 100x In A Bear Market

Candlestick is the first one to share $THE signal. Our Degen Explorer detected it early on Oct 14.

An Amazing GEM With 6,000x Returns

A story that Candlestick Smart Money found a 6000x GEM 19 days earlier than the public.

A 1,800x Life-Changing Opportunity

Degen Explorer detected TYRANT early on Oct 20. Smart Meme traders bought in when it had three zeros.

The 1,000x Gem

Smart Meme Pro trader bought $DIONE the day it was deployed. His unrealized gain has climbed to 1,243x.

Latecomers Still Profit

Follow Smart Meme Traders for the highest returns but high risk, or wait a while and copy trade safer with Smart DEX Traders. 

Lightning Fast

Set up “Alerts.” Never miss an opportunity.

Live Trading

Find GEMs that Smart Money is buying right now.

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