Trade with Net Buy Value – Capture The Token Surge

If you apply the ‘Trade with DEX Net Buy Value’ strategy, you will capture the $BIRD 115% surge.

Suitable for tokens with Balance on Exchange 85% on DEX.

$BIRD Balance on Exchange: 100% on DEX

$BIRD - Balance on Exchange

DEX Net Buy Value Correlated with The Token Price

$BIRD - Net Buy Value

A 5-min Net Buy of over $1K propelled the price up from $0.0(5)2815 to $0.0(5)5677.

There is about 30mins time you can take action after receiving the Net Buy surge signal.

How to capture this Net Buy Value surge signal ahead?

2 methods.

1. Simple in the front and troublesome in the back

Go to ‘Top Net Buy Value Tokens‘ leaderboard & switch to 5-mins resolution.

Top Net Buy Value Tokens in 5mins

The easier point is you can see those 5-min Net Buy surge tokens quickly.

The troublesome thing is not all tokens listed here stand for a Net Buy surge signal.

You need to click on the token, do your groundwork to check its:

– Balance on Exchange: if >85% on DEX?

– Net Buy chart: the 5-min value compared to the previous

2. Troublesome in the front and easy in the back

Search for the tokens that ‘Balance on Exchange‘: >85% on DEX.
–> usually, this is the case in relatively new meme tokens. (eg, cases shared before: $BIRD, $KONG, $FUMO b4 it listed on CEX)

Then go to these target tokens ‘Net Buy Value‘ chart:
1. Analyze: at what level of 5-min Net Buy value will propel the price up
2. Set an Alert

Take $BIRD as an example,

1. Analyze: around $1K 5-min Net Buy will cause the price up and down.

2. Set an Alert: ‘Alert me when $BIRD 5-min Net Buy Volume >$1K’

After finding the target tokens, set Alerts for them, you just need to sit back and get the signals easily on your Telegram & browser –> when signals pop up, take action.


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