The Complete Story of How $DOG Stealth Signal Unleash The $DOG: $1.6M+ profit in just 10 days!

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Again, Candlestick is the first to detect the potential $DOG movement with a hint that something was brewing by 4 live Alpha signals on Mar 19.

2 of the 4 Alpha signals: Stealth Money was loading at $0.0066. A large buy value of $1.1M at that time – you just can’t miss the clue.

$DOG Live Stealth Money Trades - Screenshot on Mar 19

Smart Money bought at $0.0059.

$DOG - Smart Money Holders

2 Days Later Mar 21, Stealth Loaded More $DOG

$DOG went up to $0.0081, the Stealth Money 0x400d…4649 bought 66.63M more $DOG.

Mar 24, New Stealth Came In

On Mar 24, with the first Stealth Money 0x400d…4649 holding 214.17M, a new Stealth Money 0xae69 came in, bought $259k $DOG at $0.0082 after the new wallet was created.

$DOG Live Stealth Money Trades - Screenshot on Mar 24

The First Stealth Money 0x400d Current Position?

To date, $DOG is still the only token that Stealth Money 0x400d has traded since the wallet was created.  

DCA to buy. In total, 214.17M $DOG was bought, value at the time of buying $1.48M.

1.1x ROI to date, this means $1.6M+ profit in just 10 days!

TraderScan - $DOG Stealth Money 0x400d

By following the $DOG stealth & smart signal, you have 3 chances to hop on:

  1. $0.006,
  2. $0.008 and
  3. $0.0082

which standing for 141%, 81% and 76% ROI as $DOG is at $0.01448 now.

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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