Enormous Amount of $SUSHI Bought by Stealth 1D Ago

This stealth 0xccb6…bc27 significantly influenced the price with his enormous buy amount of $SUSHI one day ago. Propelled the price up and sitting on a continued surge of 51% today.

One day ago, stealth 0xccb6…bc27 purchased 900K $SUSHI within 5 hours immediately after the wallet was created.

Buy prices are from $0.687 to $0.7482, spending a total of $640K to load that 900K $SUSHI.

SUSHI - Stealth Money Trades

A 62.92% ROI means $402,692 pure profit given the enormous buy amount

$SUSHI is still the only token that 🥷stealth 0xccb6…bc27 bought since the wallet was newly created 1 day ago.

🥷0xccb6…bc27 Total ROI in $SUSHI has increased from 7.71% by the time Candlestick detected this stealth signal to 62.92% now.

SUSHI Stealth Money

Considering the enormous buy amount 900.51K of $SUSHI from 🥷0xccb6…bc27, a 62.92% ROI means $402,692 pure profit.

Total initial cost $639,997 –> Value at the moment $1,042,691.

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Add to your watchlist. Keep track of this stealth’s live actions if you’re a $SUSHI holder

Besides $SUSHI, $TOKEN & $IMGNAI are the two tokens detected by a strong stealth signal.

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