26.92% To 229% Returns: Shill A Smart Money That Always Makes Nice Calls

Smart DEX Trader 0x3bd3…b548 has a keen ability to spot opportunities and purchase cryptos at a low price.

In Feb, we tracked his numerous brilliant trading activities, and below are just some of the case studies we would like to share.

$NOONE - 229% Returns

$NOONE was the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money on Feb 20, rising 173% in 24h.

Candlestick Explore

Smart DEX Trader 0x3bd3…b548 bought $3.3K on Feb 15, and his position value increased to $10.89K after five days. (+229% profits)

$NOONE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

$F9 - 116% Returns

From Feb 4 to Feb 7, b548 accumulated 8,023,360 F9 tokens with an Avg Buy Price of $0.0022.

$F9 - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Falcon9 token climbed 24.31% after the buying signals.

But this trader kept accumulating.

He bought more tokens till he ranked No.1 in Smart Money.

$F9 - Top Holders (Smart Money Mode)

The data confirms that he was right. 

$BLU - 75.73% Returns

On Feb 21, $BLU rose 234.81% to $5.94 in 24h.

Candlestick Explore

b548 built a position at an Avg Buy Price of $3.38.

If you followed him in time, your profits could be 75.73%.

$BLU - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

$BIRD - 63.32% Returns

b548 made a nice call on $BIRD.

He bought $BIRD as low as $17.18.

$BIRD - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Feb 22, Data proved that this trader is worthing tracking.

Candlestick Subscribers followed him in time; they could get 63.32% returns by trading $BIRD.

We shared the signals on Feb 13, so followers on Twitter may profit 20.48%.

$BANK - 60.76% Returns

On Feb 14, b548 loaded $BANK at an Avg Buy Price of $1.3.

$BANK - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Feb 15, $BANK broke through $2.09, rising 44.39% in 24 hours. 

If you followed Smart DEX Trader 0x3bd3, you could have made a profit of 60.76%.

$BANK - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

$OGV - 26.92% Returns

On Feb 15, Data once again proved the trading skills of Smart DEX Trader b548.

He DCAed into $OGV at an Avg Price of $0.00637 before the price surge.

$OGV - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)
$OGV - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

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