10x Profits: Unveil 3 Five-Star Smart Money Addresses For Hunting Crypto Gems

Our latest version of Smart DEX Trader (updated on Mar 8, 2023) contains 1399 best-performing DEX trader addresses (bots removed) from Jan 1, 2020 – Feb 28, 2023.

Below, we share 3 addresses and their recent impressive gem-hunting performance.

Smart DEX Trader c274

Smart DEX Trader c274 has been tagged as “2X Plus”, “Ten 10X”, “$1M Plus”, “High Win Rate,” “Three 50X”, “Smart Meme Pro,” and “Smart DEX Trader.”

To understand the meaning of these tags, please visit the Data Guide.

Smart DEX Trader c274

On Mar 27, a new gem, $PAW (PAWZONE), surged 2,128.89%. Smart DEX Trader c274 completed got the surge.

He turned $7,066 into $62,268. (7.79x returns)

  • bought $PAW at $0.(5)2086 with 4 $ETH 
  • DCA sell $PAW $0.(4)1666 – $0.(4)6468 
  • 4 $ETH turned into 35.19 $ETH
$PAW - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
$PAW - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

After profiting on $PAW, Smart Money c274 made another 9x magic trading.

He turned 1.5 $ETH into 13.96 $ETH on $IC.

  • Bought at $0.(5)3143 with 1.5 $WETH 
  • Sold through 9 trades at an Avg price of $0.00002844. Killed 1 zero
$IC - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
$IC - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Smart DEX Trader 4534

Smart DEX Trader 4534 has two tags: “Ten 10X” & “2X Plus”, indicating that he traded at least 10 coins with 10x returns and 100%+ realized profit (2x or higher).

Smart DEX Trader 4534

$BOX is a new coin deployed on Apr 4.

Smart DEX Trader 4534 sold 27.76% of positions & realized 3.78 WETH 10 hours after deploying.

Compared to the cost (0.249 WETH for a 27.76% position), he profited 1,418%.

$BOX - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Some recent trading records of Smart DEX Trader 4534 include the following:

10x on $PAW

  • Cost 4.5 WETH, earned 10x (sold 85.32% $PAW position & realized 45.31 WETH)
$PAW - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

323% on $SOV

  • Cost $34K on Mar 28.
  • DCAed to sell & realized $144K 
  • profit rate: 323%
$SOV - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
$SOV - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Smart DEX Trader Ai***.eth

Smart DEX Trader Ai***.eth has 4 tags: “$1M Plus”, “Ten 10X”, “Three 50X”, and “Smart DEX Trader.”

Smart DEX Trader Ai***.eth

On Mar 30, Ai***.eth profited on $PAW, costing 10.5 WETH and earning 2x returns

  • Sold 93.28% $PAW position & realized 29.54 WETH
$PAW - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Previously, he profited 5x on $RINIA, turning 824.93 into $5,689.15 within a few hours.

$RINIA - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
$RINIA - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

How To Copy Smart Money Trades?

Just 2 steps to trade with your favorite smart money:

  1. Add Smart Money to the Watchlist: hover over the address & click “add.” 
  2. Go to the Wallet Watchlist to track the gems they are buying.
Wallet Watchlist

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