3 Tips to Use The Average HODL Price Indicator

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Tip 1

The token price may drop when near or above avg hodl price as avg hodl price represents most traders’ break-even point.

e.g., LooksRare (1M) made two attempts to break the avg hodl price of $2.8 but failed.

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Tip 2

If the avg hodl price goes up when the token price rises, it may further support the uptrend. As it indicates traders are buying the rise.

e.g., LooksRare (LOOKS) Jan 10 — Feb 5

  • Avg hodl price keeps increasing,
  • recorded two price peaks during this time
  • Tip 3

    The gap between avg hodl price & current price turns wide to narrow. It may signal the price bottom

  • Widening gap: the price is falling and traders are selling. (eg, LooksRare Feb 5-Feb 27)
  • Closing gap: the price is rising, and traders are buying back. (eg, $LOOKS Mar 12–28)
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