SUZUME – The Next Gem? TSUKA Top 1 Holder Joegrower420.eth Bought SUZUME

Quick Take

  • You don’t need to be the smartest one to profit but follow the group of the smartest.

Gem Hunt Step 1 - Smart Money Top Net Buy Value Token List

$SUZUME in the Smart Money 1- hour Top Net Buy Value leaderboard.
Top Net Buy Value (Smart Money)

Candlestick supports 5min, 1h resolutions that enable you to capture real-time opportunities.

Click on it to check the Net Buy Amount indicator. Switch to “Smart Money” mode. There is a Smart Money Buying peak at 7:00 UTC.

SUZUME - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

Gem Hunt Step 2 - Who Smart Money is buying?

Go to Live Trading – DEX Trades, and switch to “Smart Money” mode. 

SUZUME - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

It revealed that Joegrower420.eth bought $2.1K worth of SUZUME tokens at $0.0000052.

But you may think there are other Smart Money sold SUZUME. Though Joegrower420.eth & Kanema.eth bought in, how do you generally know whether the Smart Money group is in or not?  Check Smart Money addresses balance & changes

SUZUME - Top Addresses by Balances/Changes (Smart Money)

There is 2 info we can get from the SUZUME Smart Money holders table.

  • Among the Smart Money group, in the past 7d, the total balance change is an increase of 4 million SUZUME tokens.
  • Joegrower420.eth is the No.2 holder with $37.8k value of SUZUME tokens.

Gem Hunt Step 3 - Understand this Smart Money better.

If you are a Gem hunter or meme coins trader, you must know TSUKA, which kills 3 0 in the past 3 months, from $0.00001382 to $0.06692. 

TSUKA - Net Buy Amount (Smart Money)

We can see from the above chart that Smart Money started to hold TSUKA when the price was very very low. And then they took some profit when the first 0 was killed. Till now, not much big sell movements.

Check the TSUKA Smart Money Top Holders table:

Now, Joegrower420.eth is in SUZUME. Will it be the next Gem? 

Tutorial - Check The Smartest Groups Balance Changes

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