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6 Buy Signals Before ETH Price Rally

ETH rallies 10% today. Hope that you have read “How to Find An Entry & Exit Time with Net Buy Amount Indicator?” trader tutorial and applied it to practice, then you will get 6 buy signals from the WETH Net Buy Amount indicator before the price up.

WETH Net Buy Amount

WETH - Net Buy Amount

Apply the golden rule:

  • Buy to entry: Net Buy Amount up and positive & the price drops
  • Sell to exit: Net Buy Amount drops and negative & the price increases

You can find 6 entry signals of ETH in the past 3 days. The latest strong short-term sell signal is at price $1162. 

The Net Buy Amount indicator can’t promise you of buying at the lowest and selling at the top. But at least you can earn 3% – 20% a day through swing trading. Good enough isn’t it?

Will CEL Be Back to $1?

CEL - Daily Signal Distribution

Checking the CEL signal distribution chart. The space of the graph represents the % of bullish signals vs bearish signals.

When bullish signals occupy most of the area (which means a larger percentage of signals are bullish), the token price peaks. Check Jun 14, Jun 19, Jun 20 & Jul 2.

CEL - Live Signals

But the Net Buy Amount, Trading Volume & Turnover Rate are fading in the past 5 hours.

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